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  • Introducing BEYRAIDERZ

    Customize your ultimate BEYRAIDERZ vehicle, REV IT UP & LET IT RIP into battle. Blast into the Firegate Battle Set to release the power tokens & CAPTURE them for ultimate VICTORY!

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    Blast the BEYRAIDERZ vehicles into battle! Race to release and capture the power tokens before your opponent for ultimate victory! Experience the high speed battle game now!

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  • All New Shogun Steel Bey Battle Tops Are Here!

    The new collection Beyblade Shogun Steel Bey Battle Tops feature never-before seen SYNCHROME TECHNOLOGY! Now you can combine two warrior wheels from different tops for a heavier top with double metal power!

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Created by Hasbro, Beybladebattles.com is the ultimate online Beyblade game for boys. Registered users redeem codes found in Beyblade Shogun Steel and BeyWarriors products to unlock game content online. Bladers can also batte on the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android Device. 3, 2, 1. Let it RIP!