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How to Play Beyblade Online

Learn how to play the Beyblade online battle games on BeybladeBattles.com.

Challenge an opponent!

Challenge another player in an arena.

"Battle Active" tops.

You must select a top in the time limit or you will forfeit the battle.

Select either a Ripcord or Deluxe style launcher.

Ripcord Launcher:

Pull the ripcord fast and aim for the target.


Deluxe Launcher:

Click on the target as fast as you can to boost your energy.

After both players have launched their tops, the battle will begin! During a battle you can:

  • Reverse your top rotation by clicking the Reverse icon.

  • Make your top disappear by clicking on the Disappear icon.

  • Shield icon

    Shield your top by clicking the Shield icon.

  • Freeze your top by clicking the Freeze icon.

  • You can boost your top’s energy one time per battle by clicking the Facebolt Special Power icon.

  • Your Stealth Power will be activated when the tops first collide!

You can earn stars and buy more Stealth Battlers in the Battle Shop!

Watch out for power-ups and pitfalls! The power-ups will add energy to your top and the pitfalls will take it away!

The player who wins the best of three battles wins the match. Before each battle you'll need to select a Battle Active top.

After each match, you can challenge the same player to a rematch or leave the arena and look for another opponent.

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